Art v 1
Catelog No. AV01-A921H
Catalog No. Pack Size Price
AV01-A921H-250250 ugContect Us
AV01-A921H-500500 ugContect Us
AV01-A921H-BULKBULKContect Us


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Overview 利用C末端His标签在烟草中表达了重组青蒿过敏原Art v 1
Genbank Number AF493943.1
Storage and Stability 产品储存在- 20℃。为了达到最佳的储存效果,将稀释后的产品小量分装,并在推荐的温度下储存。为了获得最佳性能,应避免重复处理和多次冻融循环。
Molecular weight 20kDa
Specific Activity
  1. Himly M, et al: Art v 1, the major allergen of mugwort pollen, is a modular glycoprotein with a defensin-like and a hydroxyproline-rich domain. FASEB J. 17:106-8, 2003.
  2. Schmid-Grendelmeier P, et al: Native Art v 1 and recombinant Art v 1 are able to induce humoral and T cell-mediated in vitro and in vivo responses in Mugort allergy. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 111(6):132