Clinical Chemistry Enzyme

Clinical chemistry test is concerned with the measurement of substances in biological specimen, predominantly blood, serum or plasma. Significant, though small, changes may take place as a prelude to a life-threatening situation. Therefore, analytical techniques in clinical chemistry tests must be sensitive, specific and rapid.
SignalChem DiagTech have years of experience and technical knowledge in functional protein production to meet our customers’ needs. We offer a wide range of reliable enzymes suitable for use in clinical chemistry tests.


Immunodiagnostics is a diagnostic methodology that uses an antigen-antibody reaction as their primary means of detection.

Allergens are type of antigens (mostly proteins) that are found in a variety of sources such as food, animals, insects or pollen. ,. Allergens are usually non-toxic, but have a tendency to trigger an abnormally vigorous immune response in certain individuals causing the reactions so-called allergies. Allergens have critical applications in diagnosis of causes of allergies and lead to proper treatment.

SignalChem DiagTech has developed and produced a vast array of Allergens from various species using different expression system to meet our customers’ need. The plant originated allergens produced with our unique plant expression system demonstrate high specificity and sensitivity in the tests.

Molecular Diagnostic

Molecular diagnostics is a collection of techniques used to analyze biological markers in the genome and proteome, and how their cells express their genes as proteins, applying molecular biology to medical testing.
CRISPR-based nucleic acid target detection is one of revolutionary method for Molecular Diagnostic. the Cas9, Cas12, Cas13 and Cas14 proteins have been used to successfully develop new rapid and sensitive tests for the diagnosis of infectious diseases, such as Zika virus, and non-communicable diseases involving nucleic acids, such as cancer. SignalChem DiagTech provides a panel of enzymes that can be used for development of CRISPR-based molecular diagnostic tests.

Biological Reagent

SignalChem DiagTech provides wide range of Biological Reagent with high quality for research, development and further manufacturing.